Intermodal Transport Service

❝Due to the daily distribution throughout Europe and our remarkable web of collaborators, Interferries Lines can support all the needs of our customers. Interferries Lines team is determined to provide the most efficient route to combine quality and speed for the transportation of the goods. By choosing to combine all modes of transport (road, maritime, rail) we provide excellent service to our customers while reducing our carbon footprint.❞
Interferries Lines

Intermodal freight transport

We guarantee the best services to our clients

There are two passages to Europe:

Guaranteeing the best service to our customers, we maintain maximum care for the transport and delivery of their valuable goods. All fleet is fully equipped with track and trace systems providing at anytime, the status of the transportation. The operations department is always in touch with our drivers and can provide flexibility for maximum satisfaction of our customers.

km on Road
km on Rail
Embarkments on Maritime