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❝Our expertise spans a wide range of areas, including intermodal transportation, international and national courier services, transportation using Tank Containers, transportation for recycling materials and supply chain management ( logistics ), with self owned warehouses.❞

Our Services


Intermodal Transport

Interferries Lines guarantees reliable deliveries using the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of transportation. Intermodal transportation reduces the use of highways, eliminates delays caused due to heavy traffic, guarantees fixed departure schedules, reliable deliveries and high-quality standards of service while at the same time reduces CO2 and NOx emissions and fuel consumption.


Internationl & National Courier

Interferries Lines is specialized in express transportation (FTL). This concerns very strict transit times and requires ideal routings. Due to our experience and our strive to excellence we have managed to support courier traffics optimally (99.14% – 2022 rating).


Transport using Tank Containers

Our large fleet of tank containers enable us to transport liquids worldwide with tank containers dedicated for chemicals and tank containers dedicated for liquid food transports.


Recycling Materials Transport

Our company was licenced to transport recycled goods. These goods are used for renewable energy production boosting sustainability and our environmental consciousness.


Logistics – Supply Chain Management

Interferries Lines entered dynamically in the logistics sector by investing in self-owned warehouses with high technology storage and supply chain facilities.

Interferries Lines

Economical & sustainable transport services

In a competitive global market, Interferries Lines, was born with the aim of reaching the highest levels of customer satisfaction, offering the most efficient intermodal transport solutions.